2020 Series refers to the sixth blind bag series released in both blind bags and with TrackMaster cargo cars throughout 2020. It currently features eight themes.


Classic 75th

The Classic 75th theme features the Steam Team with star shaped glasses and 75th anniversary symbols on them.


Ice and Snow

The Ice and Snow theme features characters with winter designs.


The Galaxy theme features characters with galaxy designs.


The Music theme features characters with music related designs.

On the Farm

The On the Farm theme features characters that look like various farm animals.


The Hawaiian theme features characters with designs related to the state of Hawaii.


The Cowboy theme features characters in Wild West designs.

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream theme features characters with ice cream designs.


The Rainbow theme features characters painted in all the colors of the rainbow. The items are re-releases from 2019.


  • 2020/1 is currently the first and only blind bag series with the largest amount of new MINIS. This features all variants from all themes being available together, rather than being split into four separate series released throughout the year, as per previous years.
  • This is the first series where Gator gets more than one variant.
  • The Collecter's Sheet labelled "Galaxy" as Gallerxy
  • Harold is labelled as Harlod 


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