The Advent Calendar is a pack. It contains 24 MINIS from the 2017 and 2018 series, six of which exclusive to the Advent Calendar theme, to be opened on each day of Advent. The box opens out to display the calendar and features a scenery area for the MINIS.

Product Description

Box description

Christmas on the Island of Sodor is the most festive season of all. Count down the days to the holiday with a special new surprise behind each door! Includes exclusive Christmas MINIS!


The MINIS are listed in Advent order.

  1. Monkey Thomas
  2. Notebook Paper Sidney
  3. Blackberry Charlie
  4. Space Iron Bert
  5. Steel James
  6. Camo Rosie
  7. School Bus Salty
  8. Dragon Spencer
  9. Night Time Toby
  10. Space Hiro
  11. Peacock Millie
  12. Pop Art Duck
  13. Apple Stanley
  14. Neon Splatter Percy
  15. Construction Thomas
  16. Monster Troublesome Truck
  17. Octopus Percy
  18. Pop Art Annie
  19. Advent Rosie
  20. Advent Thomas
  21. Advent Charlie
  22. Advent Emily
  23. Advent James
  24. Advent Percy


  • The Advent Calendar exclusive engines have the following features:
    • Advent Thomas features Thomas with a green Christmas sweater.
    • Advent Percy features Percy as a tree covered in snow, lights, and decorations.
    • Advent James features James covered in mistletoe.
    • Advent Emily features Emily covered in snow with presents and stockings.
    • Advent Charlie features Charlie as a present.
    • Advent Rosie features Rosie as gingerbread. It is also the first release of Rosie in her red livery.


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