• TransformersGuy48

    Thomas as We Are Number One
    Edward as Greensleeves
    Henry as Bohemian Rhapsody
    Gordon as Harlem Shake
    James as Crab Rave
    Percy as [Censored] Lasagna
    Toby as Canon In D
    Duck as Congratulations
    Diesel as Never Gonna Give You Up
    Diesel 10 as Baby Shark
    Bert as All Star
    Spencer as Bad Guy
    Bertie as Robocopyright
    Skarloey as Ocean Man
    Luke as Trololo
    Victor as A Thousand Miles
    Millie as Rocket Man
    Emily as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    Harold as Africa
    Annie as Ode To Joy
    Clarabel as Can Can
    Troublesome Truck as Thomas The Dank Engine
    Rosie as Hotline Bling
    Belle as To Be Continued........

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  • 1222brown
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  • 1222brown
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  • ThomasMinisAreAwesome
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  • 12gb

    Thomas MINIS (My Little Pony)

    August 16, 2018 by 12gb
    • Thomas as Twilight Sparkle
    • Edward as Applejack
    • Henry as Fluttershy
    • Gordon as Rainbow Dash
    • James as Rarity
    • Percy as Pinkie Pie
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  • BM44 is back from the dead

    2019 will feature these products. The metal weights have returned, and production has moved back to Thailand.

    • 2019 Series

    • 3-Pack 1
    • 3-Pack 2
    • 3-Pack 3
    • 3-Pack 4
    • 3-Pack 5
    • 3-Pack 6
    • 3-Pack 7
    • 3-Pack 8
    • 3-Pack 9
    • 3-Pack 10
    • 3-Pack 11
    • 3-Pack 12
    • 3-Pack 13
    • 3-Pack 14
    • 3-Pack 15
    • 7-Pack 1
    • 7-Pack 2
    • 7-Pack 3
    • 7-Pack 4

    • Rainbow Motorized Stunt Set - Same exact model as Motorized Stunt Set, except the exclusive Minis and the set have a metallic rainbow finish. Costs an extra $20 unlike the regular set.

    Exclusive minis: Rainbow Fiery Thomas and Colorful Racing James.

    • The Thomas Minis app will release on Android September 2018, a year after the iPad version was released.

    There are 8 brand-new categories 2 returning categories from 2015 and 2016, and a special train.

    • Gone Nutty - Characters…

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  • BM44 is back from the dead

    Here is a new logo for Thomas Minis Wikia.

    For Jdogman.

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  • Percy fan 1 forever

    Well there is a toby that has Bob in him

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  • Vinnyvincevvs

    Hello everyone, thought I'd create my very first blog post on the MINIS Wikia, as I have never done one before and thought it would be fun writing down my thoughts on a few topics I was currently thinking of. Please feel free to comment and discuss too, your responses and opinions to my post, I would love to read what you also have to say. This post may turn out to be an essay, so please forgive me haha. 

    Well I was looking through my MINIS collection earlier this evening (here in Australia) and I was in awe of how incredibly amazing this small Thomas and Friends toy range is. The details, models etc. are very much spot on and each MINI has it's own charm, and although I have many favourites above others, they all look great and I think Mat…

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  • DonaldDouglasandOliver11

    If Minis would make some models from The Great Race, which one would you like to be made.

    Please vote and comment below.

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  • Tootmyownhorn


    April 4, 2016 by Tootmyownhorn

    Hey there - I looked all over and even contacted the manufacturer of the Thomas and Friends Minis (twice) and could not find a checklist so, using this wikia, I created an Excel spreadsheet cross-referencing the minis with bag codes, release years and such. Anyone interested in getting a copy?

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  • TransformersGuy48

    Thomas as Optimus Prime

    Edward as Jazz

    Henry as Bulkhead

    Gordon as Grimlock

    James as Ratchet

    Percy as Bumblebee

    Toby as Ironhide

    Duck as Ultra Magnus

    Donald as Red Alert

    Douglas as Inferno

    Oliver as Wheeljack

    Mavis as Arachnid

    Salty as Sideswipe

    BoCo as Cliffjumper

    Daisy as Elita One

    Diesel as Starscream

    Rosie as Chromia

    Stepney as Sunstreaker

    Stanley as Prowl

    Paxton as Wreck-Gar

    Sidney as Eject

    Bash as Gears

    Dash as Huffer

    Ferdinand as Brawn

    Flynn as Trailbreaker

    Charlie as Windcharger

    Gator as Jetfire

    Hiro as Slag

    Luke as Sludge

    Stafford as Slash

    Philip as Scorn

    Samson as Slog

    Victor as Slug

    Porter as Strafe (Dinobot)

    Stephen as Snarl

    Duke as Swoop

    Bertram as Beachcomber

    Flying Scotsman as Cosmos

    Harvey as Warpath

    Dustin as Omega Supreme

    Harold as Powerglide

    Captain as Seaspray …

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  • Thomas and friends fan 1 foever

    just tell me your to 15 favorite minis of 2015

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  • Lapisel Lupislie

    Post what you want in a new wave of Minis! (I also think the Core Moments should be a special theme where there's no 5 engine limit)

    Here's mine:

    • Classic Harvey
    • Classic Timothy
    • Classic Ryan
    • Core Moments NBSC Thomas
    • Core Moments Black James
    • Classic Duck
    • Classic Oliver
    • Classic Donald
    • Classic Douglas
    • Toad (Because there's a Troublesome Truck)
    • Annie and Clarabel (See above)
    • Classic Phillip 
    • Racing Course Phillip
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  • DonaldDouglasandOliver11

    Which model do you wish MINIS would make in the future.

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  • Jdogman

    For all the news regarding new Thomas MINIS releases and other Thomas toys, I will be compiling all information into the one blog which will be regularly updated as new information is being released.

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  • Thomas and friends fan 1 foever

    ttte wiki says it all

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  • Thomas and friends fan 1 foever

    its got me pumped and happy 

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  • Thomas and friends fan 1 foever

    I was reading a site and found a peace that said, New MINIS + 5 Launchers features Thomas, Percy and more, then i looked back at the minis craze promo and saw a james and what looked like steam on james.

    bad thing is a can not find the site as hard as i look, tell me what you think  

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  • Jdogman

    Maximising the MINIS

    January 14, 2016 by Jdogman

    As I sit here at the start of a new year writing this blog with 91 MINIS around my desk (83 blind bag engines, plus the six Advent Calendar engines and the two Comic-Con exclusive engines), I think about what a great year it has been for this brand new range, but also about what is coming ahead for them in 2016, and perhaps onward.

    First of all, I'll just recap my experience with these in 2015. When I heard about them on Mattel's New York Toy Fair press release last February, I was quite curious into what these mini engines with different themes and blind bags might turn out. I though they were going to be bigger in size than they turned out, be more suitable for preschoolers, and even possibly replace the Thomas Take-n-Play range. When I s…

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  • Jdogman

    Foreshadowing the MINIS?

    August 23, 2015 by Jdogman

    A year ago, a post was made on My Fisher-Price Ideas, a website where customers can send their own toy ideas, and if they are well recieved by others, may get reviewed by Fisher-Price and eventually made as a toy. The post was about a potential Thomas and Friends blind bag series, and it has been described not unlike what we eventually got with the MINIS. It may not had have enough responses from people, but it is certainly similar, and might've inspired the Fisher-Price team one way or another. What do you think?

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