Fizz 'n Go Mega Pack is an upcoming Fizz 'n Go Cargo pack. When submerged in warm water, the cargo will fizz and dissolve to reveal a cargo piece.


  • Fizz 'n Go Thomas
  • Fizz 'n Go James
  • Yellow Cargo Car
  • Blue Cargo Car
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Yellow cargo bath bomb
  • Blue cargo bath bomb
  • Three blind packs


  • The prototype features James with Thomas' eyebrows.
  • The Fizz 'n Go engines have the following features:
    • Fizz 'n Go Thomas features Thomas with blue fizzing, bubbles, and a green running board with red wheels.
    • Fizz 'n Go James features James with orange fizzing, bubbles, and a blue running board with orange wheels.
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