Glowing Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set is a set. It features a glowing tower with a mine shaft spiral in the middle to take a MINI up to the top, where it can be released through Ulfstead Castle down one of two routes. One of those routes being a large glowing green spiral track, and the other a glowing blue I-beam which makes the MINIS flip upside-down. There is storage at the top and base of the set for MINIS. It also includes Neon Glow Gordon.


  • Neon Glow Gordon features Gordon painted light blue with a lighting bolt and large number four with a red paint splatter.
  • This set is a repainted version of the Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set, which has also been used for Batcave and Steelworks Stunt Set. The I-beams have been modified to have a secure connection, like in the Steelworks Stunt Set.


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