Motorized Raceway (also known as Motorized Stunt Set, Motorized Madness Playset, and Motorized Raceway Stunt Set) is a set. It features a motorized lift which send engines up to a switch where they can go down one of three routes. One of those routes is a waterfall track with a 360 degree loop, another is a blue and green I-beam track which goes through the waterfall, and another is a steeper yellow I-beam track. Cranky can also swing his arm in and pick up an engine and store an engine in him. It also includes an exclusive Racing Thomas and Racing James.


  • The prototype version features one clear I-beam, whilst the produced version is yellow.
  • Motorized Raceway can be connected to either Twist-n-Turn Stunt SetBatcave or Steelworks Stunt Set by adjusting the I-beams so that they connect into the bases of each set.