Steelworks Stunt Set is a set. It features a tower with a spiral lift in the middle to take an engine up to the top by cranking a knob. It can then be released through the Steelworks building down one of two routes. One of those routes being a large orange spiral track featuring a bumpy section, and the other a yellow I-beam which flips the engines upside-down. There is a spinning turntable at the top and storage at the base of the set for six vehicles. It also an exclusive Steel Thomas.


  • Steel Thomas features dirt and sparking details with red wheels.
  • This set is a repainted version of Batcave, which in turn is a repainted Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set. The exceptions are that the I-beams have been modified to have a secured connection at the base of the set, and newly moulded Steelworks building is at the top with a turntable section instead of a flat base.
  • Illustrations of Steelworks Thomas, James, Frankie, Merlin, and Hurricane appear on the Steelworks tower. The latter of the three have not been made in the MINIS range.
  • Steelworks Shunt Set can be connected to Motorized Raceway by adjusting the I-beams so that they connect into the bases of each set.